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Your Purveyor of compassionately and organically grown turmeric and foods nourished by the rainforest


Dina Lynn is a Purveyor of fine, organic spices and foods. She works with small, family farms that practice biodynamic methods throughout the world. She sources only the best foods that meet only the highest standards and that she trusts in her body and home. A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and Hashimotos has put her in the trenches to find the root cause of her illness and what she discovered is that food is medicine. For most these diagnosis's would have stopped them in their tracks but Dina Lynn allowed it to open up a world of nutrition and a holistic journey to living the best life possible.  


As she learned about foods she found that so many foods that were meant to be healing were not because they were filled with GMO's, herbicides and pesticides.  She discovered herbs, spices and foods that have been around for thousands of years but had been forgotten. Divine intervention allowed her to form a relationship with a Farmer (who till this day she credits for the jumpstart) and to set high standards in the food chain.   

While she claims no cure she claims a better quality of life as a result of using ancient spices, eating real whole foods, hydration, vitamin D, mindset, rest and serving others.  It is her personal mission to only seek and find the best foods to share with the world and to ensure  that everyone have access to them.  


Her sincere desire is to empower individuals to take self responsibility, use food as a foundation for extraordinary health, cook their own meals and grow their own food. If you would like an in home cooking demonstration (Southern Nevada residents only) contact Dina below.