Image by Tamanna Rumee
Values are who you are even when no one is watching. 

We believe in treating everyone, no matter race, creed, gender, religion or social status with fairness.  We treat not only our suppliers, farmers, workers and animals with fairness but our customers. We are nothing without them and will strive to resolve challenges with fairness. We recognize the uniqueness and value of each individual within our diverse society and know that collectively we can achieve more together than separately.  


Our goals are not to be the biggest turmeric and foods  provider, but the industry-best. Our products will  carry industry respect and trust. We will educate and inspire our customers to make better food choices to achieve a higher quality of life and optimal health. 

Customer Care

Our customers are at the heart of all that we do. We will strive to make our customers a priority from pre-sales to after sales care. We will provide support on how to use our products in ways which will encourage and inspire them to achieve their health goals with food. 


Compassion is one of our core values. Not only do we genuinely care about the needs of our team but the land, the animals and environment in which we live, work and play in. Identifying with others is an essential process for human beings and we believe that in leadership the basis for compassionate leadership entail the following (inspired by Compassionate Leadership Author, Manley Hopkinson) : 


  • Awareness. “It all starts here,”  “Nothing else can happen if we are blind to ourselves and blind to others.”

  • Courage. Noting that many people are drawn away from who they really are by external influences, such as schools, media, celebrity and corporate cultures, he says that true courage requires individuals being themselves regardless of the circumstances.

  • Confidence. This is the self-belief that “we can and will make it work”.

  • Joy. The journey is where the joy is found rather than focusing on the destination. 

  • Compassion. Compassion is “having the peripheral vision to see others and help them along the journey of awareness, courage, confidence and joy.” Empathy is a desire to know the other person. Compassion is to act on that knowledge with positive intent.” 


Our journey towards sustainability begins by working with our farm, Finca Lilo de Biolley. The land there holds 5% of the worlds bio-diversity in it and our farm Finca Lilo resides in this agrarian society with farms all around. It very pristine remote part of the world with sweeping views, big sky country, farmland, fresh air and very fresh water. It is one of the last untouched, unspoiled areas left on the planet. We support their efforts to leave a smaller blueprint in the world and to protect it so here in our home office in Southern Nevada we practice sustainability by using e-electronic  methods to communicate, using recycled paper, ride-sharing, using biodegradable packaging and we are currently working to improve our packaging so that it could be reused. We are conscious and recognize the impact of not supporting sustainability as it would affect the air, land, water, and all who reside in it. Timeless Turmeric by Dina Lynn not only cares about people but our planet.