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Your Purveyor of compassionately and organically grown turmeric and foods nourished by the rainforest
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The farm, Finca Lilo de Biolley  is situated at 3,000 feet and nine degrees above the equator. Conducive to excellent growing conditions, the temperatures range from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 degrees F on average at night year round. Its home is the La Amistad International Park, the largest rainforest park in Central America. The farm is diverse with fruits and hardwood trees. It is environmentally friendly by attracting birds, insects, and other creatures.


Finca Lilo de Biolley is known in their farming community as a model farm that uses only organic practices, diversity in cultivation and producing only quality boutique crops. We, Timeless Foods appreciate their approach of our farm growing small boutique crops there on the farm. We can proudly announce to you that our products are a fresh harvest and are as farmer direct as is possible. Our farm harvests all crops that are sold to us  then shipping to us only at one time assuring  quality and freshness.

The farm is currently undertaking the organic certification process and can safely state that they grow their crops organically and are in transition to attain the USDA/NOP certificate for organic crops. It is non-GMO, the packaging is organic without any fumigants in our packaging and shipments.