Daikon Radish has an intense radish flavor great in any microgreen salad or full sized salad. Daikon is one of the most popular radishes in our microgreen crops.

Use instead of sliced radish anywhere you would normally use radish.


Radish greens have a pleasantly peppery bite whether raw or cooked. A hearty salad made with these greens offers enough nourishment to reduce the need for snacking. This obviously cuts your caloric intake, which stabilizes your daily regimen.


Scientists at the University of Maryland studied two dozen kinds of microgreens, and they discovered that green daikon radish had the most vitamin E — a crucial antioxidant — of any other variety. These peppery seedlings are great additions to soups and salads and much more! 


We have already washed and trimmed our Daikon Radish and have it stored in a clamshell for use in your favorite meals. 


***Microgreens only available to Las Vegas Community at this time***


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Organic Radish Daikon, Cut, 4 oz


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