Our newest spice that goes hand in hand with Timeless Turmeric is our cardamom powder.  Our cardamom takes 3 years to grow and is one of the most labor intensive hand-picking plants. Each cardamom pod must be picked when it is about ¾ ripe so time and care are needed to yield this spice.


Only a few others, such as Saffron and Vanilla, are more expensive..Our cardamom is Certified Organied,  Certified Kosher and is packaged in our reusable 4 oz glass mason jar.  Our cardamom container is equivalent to 2-3 standard grocery store bottles.  


Flavor profile: A unique strong, mentholated flavor with an intensely aromatic fragrance.

Non irradiated

Contains no ethelyn oxides

Certifed Organic

Certified Kosher


Use our cardamom to add flavor to coffees, teas and baked goods. It also has medicinal value and is used to treat digestive disorders, gum and teeth infections, pulmonary tuberculosis and eyelid inflammation**

Timeless Cardamom, Certified Organic, 4 oz


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