Our true cinnamon makes a perfect addition to your spice collection.  Our Ceylon cinnamon is Certified Organic, Certified Fair Trade, Certified Kosher and is now available in 1 lb bags.  Choose our 1 lb bag or 3.5 oz container, whichever suits your need best.  Both the taste and aroma our our cinnamon is different than that of Cassia Cinnmon, which is the cinnamon that you are accustomed to tasting. Did you know that  99% of the store bought cinnamon in the US is Cassia cinnamon? Read below to learn more.  Flavor profile: Refined, fragrant, exotic aroma with a complex, sweet taste compared to Cassia cinnamon. It has an earthy, exotic smell and taste and does not dissolve in water. Non irradiatedContains no ethelyn oxidesCertifed OrganicCertified Fair TradeCertified KosherNo fillers The two varieties, cassia and Ceylon, have somewhat comparable flavors. Cassia cinnamon isn’t quite as sweet as Ceylon cinnamon. Interestingly, the Ceylon (remember, that is the “real” cinnamon) is also harder to find in most supermarkets. Typically, you have to head to a specialty store to find the “true” cinnamon and that is where we come in.  Now this is where things get interesting. The cassia (aka “fake”) cinnamon contains a very high amount of coumarin. Coumarin is a flavoring substance, and it can be toxic.  The fake cinnamon typically contains over 1,000 times more coumarin compared with the real cinnamon.  But the differences don’t end there. Real cinnamon is more expensive, harder to find, and comes from a plant named cinnamomum zeylanicum. Real cinnamon is also light brown in color, and a little thinner and softer in appearance. Sticks of real cinnamon will have multiple layers. As mentioned, there will also be substantially less coumarin found in real cinnamon.

Certified Organic, Timeless Ceylon (True)