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MultiBoot 2k10 DVD USB HDD 7.25 [Latest] 2022




Gb copy 5.20 megabyte from usb hdd to dvd and usb hdd ( i do it in so, it need install usb hdd iso and set it to grub ) OerHeks3r, i see no settings for usb, only internal, or does your bios show your usb connected? bafo: it would be easier to remove it, and place the iso on the disk, then boot, bafo, edit grub2 settings, and make a liveusb for your dvd OerHeks3r, so is this an internal usb 3.0 dvd drive? sudo fdisk -l # will give you info about partitions on your usb oerheks 3.0, so 3.0, not 3.1 OerHeks3r, your bios shows internal dvd connected? internal is 3.0, 2.0 is the older standard no need for older floppy, could be internal or external. oerheks the port may not be connected or the drive may be failing OerHeks3r, but i want to copy the 5.20 megabyte from the usb hdd to the dvd but that is hard to diagnose jeremy31, he got a newer and newer replacement, one step after the other bafo, grub can handle usb images too i find it easier to place iso on usb and use grub to boot it than to delete stuff OerHeks you said that o




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MultiBoot 2k10 DVD USB HDD 7.25 [Latest] 2022
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