Turmeric Latte Recipe

Are you looking for a way to incorporate the many health benefits of turmeric into your daily life? If so, I have just the beverage for you. It’s a turmeric latte, often lovingly called “golden milk.”

But wait, could anything with “latte” in the title actually be healthy? In this case, it’s a definite “yes!” The benefits of turmeric range from improving heart health to discouraging cancer. Turmeric also provides significant anti-inflammatory effects that can benefit such a wide variety of health concerns since inflammation is at the root of most diseases.

A turmeric latte or turmeric milk always requires two essential ingredients: turmeric and some type of milk. You’re probably wondering what other ingredients go into this healthy elixir. Well, I’m basically taking my Turmeric Tea Recipe to new heights with even more health-boosting ingredients like cordyceps, reishi and ashwagandha.

Compared to turmeric tea, this turmeric latte is going to have a richer, fuller flavor profile thanks to the use of almond milk or full-fat coconut milk and zero water.

The Power of Turmeric in a Hot Drink

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a relative of ginger and an absolute powerhouse when it comes to health. Turmeric contains a potent antioxidant called curcumin. Not only does curcumin give turmeric (and a turmeric latte) its bright color, it’s also one of the reasons why turmeric is such a healthy spice.

By consuming a turmeric latte on a regular basis, you can reap the many health benefits of turmeric. According to scientific research, turmeric may help the following health concerns: (2)

  • Bacterial infections

  • Cancer (including breast, colon, prostate and skin cancer)

  • Eye inflammation (such as uveitis)

  • Heart disease

  • Indigestion

  • Neurodegenerative conditions (including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis)

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Stomach ulcers

  • Ulcerative colitis

  • Viral infections

I love that golden milk not only makes it easy to incorporate turmeric into your diet regularly, it’s also such a tasty hot beverage. You can have a turmeric latte in between meals as a snack, or you can have it as a post-dinner dessert. The great thing about this latte recipe is that you don’t only get the benefits of turmeric since every other ingredient in this recipe has beneficial health properties as well.

How to Make a Turmeric Latte

I’m happy to say that making a turmeric latte does not require any barista training. It is truly a simple recipe that results in a deliciously flavored and seriously satisfying hot beverage. This is a latte that you can enjoy any time of day since it’s completely caffeine-free. It’s also dairy-free thanks to the use of nut milk rather than cow’s milk. Personally, I really love having it at night when I’m winding down.

In a medium pot over medium heat, add your nut milk of choice, turmeric powder, and coconut oil or ghee.

Stir until mixture is hot and ingredients are well combined. Put the warm mixture into a high-powered blender, then add in the remaining ingredients.

Blend on high until all ingredients are mixed well. Then, pour the blended mixture into mugs. Serve topped with powdered cinnamon.

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